Apple Blossom Festival Parade, Sebastopol, CA

Contact Cittaslow Sebastopol

Currently there are three officers of the Steering Committee:

Clare Najarian and Tasha Beauchamp are the Co-Chairs, and Carol Capria is the Treasurer.

You can contact any of them using this email address:


If you wish to contact us by "snail mail" (tee hee), our Slow City mailing address is:

      Cittaslow Sebastopol
      c/o Office of the City Clerk
      7120 Bodega Ave.
      Sebastopol, CA 95472

Learn more about Sebastopol at our Visitor's website:

  "I donate to Cittaslow Sebastopol because it supports two of my passions: preserving local economies and preserving natural resources. I appreciate that they are helping to shape a version of tourism which protects our community, our planet and our merchants. How wonderful!"

Angie Monette, Business Consultant

Debbie Ramirez, Founding Partner
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