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Cittaslow Sebasropol Organic Cotton Grocery Bag

A monthly donation is easy and convenient. Plus you will be helping us generate a stable income stream so we can plan more effectively.

By way of thanks, we have some wonderfully "slow" gifts to send you:
  - $5/mo: "Save the Gravenstein" Bumper Sticker
  - $10/mo: "Sebastopol is Cittaslow" Window Cling
  - $15/mo: Large, 100% Organic Cotton Grocery Bag

Your donations help bring about projects like:

    An eco-tourism, mobile Web App for visitors developed with input from over 200 West County residents.

  • The Sebastopol Time Bank:
    A network for giving and receiving services via Time Credits. "Building Community One Hour at a Time"

  • The Sebastopol Ped Line Pilot Study:
    A Park Once and Walk initiative. (Soon to become a permanent feature!)

  • Rainwater Harvesting Workshop

  • The Eco-Tourism Open House

  • The Gravenstein's are Coming! banners

  • Keeping the Conversation Constructive workshop for civic leaders

If you prefer to mail a check rather than subscribe or donate online, our mailing address is:

      Cittaslow Sebastopol
      c/o Office of the City Clerk
      7120 Bodega Ave.
      Sebastopol, CA 95472

To request Donor information or to request that someone call you, please send an email to:


Tasha Beauchamp, Co-Chair, Cittaslow Sebastopol Sebastopol residents have learned that WE LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY. Our most successful projects are those where we ask for feedback and respond to citizen concerns. Grant funding does not cover these spontaneous activities. Your donations keep us nimble and responsive.

Tasha Beauchamp, Co-Chair, Cittaslow Sebastopol
Tasha Beauchamp, Co-Chair, Cittaslow Sebastopol

Become a Founding Donor!

Hooray for Our Latest Founding Donor: Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery


Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery



Suggested Founding Donor levels are $1,000, $500, and $250.

As a Founding Donor of Cittaslow Sebastopol, you have the opportunity to be indelibly linked to values that make our town the unique city that it is. We will be accepting only 25 Founding Donors and you will hold that honor for life.  Cittaslow Sebastopol donors join us in:
   • Supporting locally made products and agriculture 
   • Celebrating of Sebastopol's culture and history 
   • Welcoming of visitors and embracing of neighbors
   • Integrating technologies for improved well-being 
   • Promoting the health of our environment 
   • Developing community-friendly infrastructure

founding donor



Your donation supports this collaborative organization which focuses on

  • Economic Benefits for Sebastopol. Witness our work with Slow Foods Russian River, the schools, the Sebastopol Farm Market, and local grocers and caterers to promote biodiversity and the consumption of local apples.
  • Networking Benefits for Sebastopol. Witness our work with the Sebastopol Downtown Association and the chamber of Commerce to position Sebastopol nationally and internationally as a "slow," eco-tourist destination. Check out our Facebook page!
  • Social Benefits for Sebastopol. Witness our work helping citizens express their concerns about the General Plan to the city and, at the same time, find their common ground after a contentious election.

In addition to aligning with this positive force for our town, as a Founding Donor, you receive:
•  A framed Founding Donor certificate
•  A Founding Donor window cling (pictured above)
•  A specially labeled holder for Cittaslow Sebastopol brochures
•  Your very own Cittaslow Sebastopol mug
•  Acknowledgement on our Facebook page
•  Permanent acknowledgement (and links!) on this website
•  Permanent acknowledgement in our Exhibit Booth at local festivals and events
•  Public Recognition at our next Celebrate Sebastopol! Gathering
• The use of a special Cittaslow Sebastopol donor logo for your web site.

Founding donors at the $1,000 level will receive all of the above plus a special cloth gift bag filled with local products such as wine, coffee, tea, honey and more!

gift bag



Of course, we gratefully accept donations of any amount and will thank any donors on this web page and our Facebook page.



To request Donor information or to request that someone call you, please send an email to:





Thank You to our Donors and Supporters

Keep Sebastopol green, local, friendly and artistic

Our Founding Donors
($250 - $500 - $1000)







Corporate Meeting Technologies


Robert Jacob


Peace in Medicine

Jim Shelton

Jim & Sandy Shelton


Sarah Glade Gurney, Attorney

Clare Najarian

Law Offices of Omar Figueroa


Line dry


Jitterbug Communications

Jitterbug Communications


Richard von Sternberg

Richard von Sternberg, Sonoma Cnty Realtor

david allen design

David Allen Designs


Community Market

Community Market


Scott and Diane Land


The Barlow

The Barlow


Silk Moon

Silk Moon


Theta Wave Float Spa

Theta Wave Float Spa


Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery

Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery




Our Founding Contributors
In-Kind donations worth $1000+

Marty Roberts Productions
Marty Roberts Productions
: Managing our website and Facebook presence.

Patisserie Angelica: Providing scrumptuous desserts at our public gatherings.

Plan A Design
Plan A/Design: Designing and creating our websites, brochures, banners and other graphics.



studio l'image

Studio L'Image: Providing maps and wayfinding expertise for the Sebastopol Ped Line.