Apple Blossom Festival Parade, Sebastopol, CA

Our Projects


Cittaslow Sebastopol has a reputation for getting things done. We listen to the community through surveys, social media and our booth at the Farmers Market. When we see an issue that speaks to Sebastopol's Slow City priorities, we look for organizations we can bring together so that collaboratively we can "all row in the same direction" to make an important project happen. Some of our projects include:

  • The Sebastopol Time Bank: With the high cost of housing, the Time Bank was established to help residents gain access to other services without spending money. In a time bank, members agree to do things for each other for free. For every hour a person works for another member, that person receives one Time Bank Hour. If a member needs a service, he or she can request it of the other Time Bank members and pay for it with Time Bank hours. Members gain needed services and we build community, one hour at a time.

  • The Sebastopol Ped Line: A pilot project involving three color-coded, self-guided walking tours to encourage visitors in particular to get out of the car and walk while they are in town. The routes went from the Plaza to three area attractions (the Laguna, Ives Park, the Florence Avenue Art Walk). Initial results of a survey about the walks indicate that 64% of people walked when they would otherwise have driven. They also spent money! As a result of the self-guided walking tour, 72% of participants said they discovered a new store or restaurant, and 52% spent between $30-40. The Ped Line was developed with help from iWalk Sebastopol, Complete Streets, the Core Project, Studio L'Image and many concerned citizens.

  • Lend-a-Hand Day Sebastopol: A city-wide day of service where members of the community come together to assist local non-profits. Each participating non-profit posts a project (e.g., gardening, painting, light construction). Community members can sign up. On the day of service, everyone goes and works on their respective non-profit projects and then meets together at the end of the day to share refreshments and stories.

  • Experience Sebastopol (The City's Eco-tourism campaign): Cittaslow Sebastopol conducted a survey to find out what area residents are most proud of about our town, and where they take visiting friends and relatives. The result of this crowd-sourced marketing campaign is a focus on our organic food, our creative people, the abundance of healers and our proximity to nature. From this we developed a visitor website at with graphics entirely donated by local artists and businesses.


City Support

As the non-profit community development partner of the City, Cittaslow Sebastopol receives much of its funding from the City of Sebastopol for projects that further the Council's promotion of the 6 "Slow City" priorities:

  • Support locally made products and agriculture

  • Celebrate our culture and history

  • Promote connections and collaboration

  • Make wise use of technology

  • Welcome visitors. Embrace neighbors.

  • Protect the environment


Keep your eyes peeled for more Cittaslow snails popping up around town as we continue our efforts to keep Sebastopol green, local, friendly and artistic.