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Donors and Supporters

Your donations help us to keep Sebastopol green, local, friendly and artistic. Check out our current projects or view our past projects below.

A monthly donation is easy and convenient. Plus you will be helping us generate a stable income stream so we can plan more effectively.

By way of thanks, we have some wonderfully "slow" gifts to send you:

- $5/mo: "Save the Gravenstein" Bumper Sticker
- $10/mo: "Sebastopol is Cittaslow" Window Cling
- $15/mo: Large, 100% Organic Cotton Grocery Bag


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Past projects include:

The Sebastopol Ped Line Pilot study (soon to become permanent). Four self-guided, color coded walking tours designed to encourage people to Park Once and Walk. This was a joint project with Sebastopol Walks and the Complete Streets Advisory Council. Also the Core Project.

The Rainwater Harvesting Workshop. Teaching local residents how to capture rainwater during the drought years. It included installing a rainwater harvesting system at City Hall. A joint project with Daily Acts.

Community Gratitude Open House. Giving a BIG community thank you to all of the many volunteers and first responders who stepped up to the plate to assist evacuees from the Firestorm of 2017. Over 250 people attended this joint ceremony we produced in partnership with the Sebastopol Center for the Arts and the City of Sebastopol.

Eco-Tourism Survey and Open House. A community-wide survey to discover citizen concerns and suggested solutions should Sebastopol become more of an eco-tourist destination. Many of the issues raised resulted in Cittaslow Sebastopol projects including heavy emphasis on traffic calming and pedestrian safety. Over 400 ideas were presented in the online survey and over 125 people attended the Open House to vote on their priorities. A direct outgrowth of the Eco-Tourism Open House, this community-sourced website takes a pro-active view and promotes the qualities Sebastopol would like to be known for:

  • the food is organic
  • the people are creative
  • healing arts abound
  • nature is nearby

Addressing the Housing Shortage. In response to the housing crisis, the City of Sebastopol put on bi-monthly community meetings with experts sharing the pros and cons of policy options such as revised zoning ordinances, workforce housing, rent control, etc. Cittaslow Sebastopol worked with the Housing Sub-Committee to assist in promoting awareness of these opportunities for local residents to learn and share their opinions with the Mayor and Vice Mayor.

Non-profit Networking. To support the 200+ non-profits that are registered in Sebastopol and contribute so much to our community spirit (and economy!), Cittaslow Sebastopol joined together with the Sebastopol Regional library to sponsor quarterly non-profit networking meetings. In addition to speakers and networking opportunities, these meetings have inspired projects such as Lend-A-Hand Day Sebastopol and weekly tabling at the summer Peacetown Concerts.

Weekly exposure for area non-profits. With generous support from the Mr. Music Foundation, two non-profits were given table space at each of the 11 summertime Peacetown Concerts. This gave them the ability to spread awarness of their mission and meet new donors and recruit new volunteers.

Our Founding Donors

Those who saw our value to the community from the very beginning. Thank you!



Corporate Meeting Technologies

Robert Jacob


Jim & Sandy Shelton


Sarah Glade Gurney, Attorney

Clare Najarian

Law Offices of Omar Figueroa

Jitterbug Communications

Richard von Sternberg,
Sonoma County Realtor

David Allen Designs

Community Market

Scott and Diane Land

The Barlow

Silk Moon

Theta Wave Float Spa

Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery

Our Founding Contributors
In-Kind donations worth $1000+

Marty Roberts Productions: Managing our website and Facebook presence.

Patisserie Angelica: Providing scrumptuous desserts at our public gatherings.

Plan A/Design: Designing and creating our websites, brochures, banners and other graphics.

Studio L'Image: Providing maps and wayfinding expertise for the Sebastopol Ped Line.