Keeping Sebastopol green, local, friendly and artistic!






Of course we are in the season of Thanksgiving and the holidays. And simply living in such a wonderful place as Sebastopol is reason enough to feel grateful. But why are these signs popping up in windows around town?

Sebastopol’s spirit of Gratitude
A voluntary consortium of civic organizations wanted to do something to highlight Sebastopol’s unique town spirit. Sebastopol is certainly a very engaging place to live, work and shop! Rather than a street banner campaign, the idea emerged to sponsor a grassroots window banner campaign that everyone could participate in. (Kudos go to Buffie Francisco of Design Orbit who was the originator of the window banner idea.)

Every other month a new theme is chosen. For November and December the theme is “Gratitude.” Check out the mega-sign in the window of the old Art and Soul building on Main Street courtesy of Rei Blaser of Sebastopol Downtown Association. Fun!

Want to express your Gratitude?
Simply download the document at, print it out and post for yourself.
(It’s only 4″ x 11″, half a letter size piece of paper.)

Have an idea for the coming months?
The public is invited to participate. Some thoughts so far are “Friendly” “Creative” “Independent”…
Send your theme idea to Linda Collins, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce (

The Economic Vitality Committee
In April 2018, Carla Rosin, Manager of the Sebastopol Farmers Market called a meeting of organizations interested in the economic health of the city. The meeting was held at City Hall, with the idea that we could all do more together and collaboratively than each of us alone in our silos. This consortium of organizations meets monthly and has evolved to include:

  • The Sebastopol Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center
  • The City of Sebastopol
  • The Sebastopol Farmers Market
  • Cittaslow Sebastopol
  • Sebastopol Downtown Association
  • The Barlow
  • Sonoma West Times and News
  • Jitterbug Communications