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Promoting Zero Waste in Sebastopol

No one ever gets to 100% zero waste, but Sebastopol's City Council is exploring ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in our town. From government policies, to daily practices at City Hall, the search is on to become leaders in the Zero Waste movement.

Merchants: Want to highlight your strategies?
The Zero Waste window banner idea came up as part of a grassroots economic vitality campaign in the summer of 2018. Rather than street banners, the thought was to pick a unifying theme every other month where businesses north and south, Main Street and the Barlow could post their support and demonstrate what a great place Sebastopol is to shop, live and work. It became so popular, we decided to continue it well past the two month mark. You can download and create your own sign now.

Fun Facebook guessing game
Take a photo of your sign with clues in the background about what your business is and send it to Debbie Ramirez of Jitterbug Communications. Or email her and she will come take a photo for you. Then Debbie will post it on the Cittaslow Sebastopol Facebook page and others can share it and join in the fun of guessing which business is doing what. For instance, did you know:

  • One company has pasta coffee stirrers (vegan and gluten free options available!)
  • Another company has all eco-friendly hair products
  • The Library rocks by recycling books; recycling batteries; collecting and sending used glasses, hearing aids and cell phones to be recycled/reused; scheduling staff shifts to coincide with the bus.

It's not a competition
This fun campaign is simply about showing what our little town can do—each of us in our own way—to conserve the earth's precious resources, including space at the landfill.

Want to post a Zero Waste sign for your house?
With or without a list, you can show your support! Simply download and print the file.

Questions about this campaign? Contact

Download the Zero Waste presentation given to the City Council on 9/18/18.